The Hori Hori Tool – Black handle, burned and oiled

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Hori Hori is a traditional tool that has long been used in Japan to harvest wild plants in mountains and forests. The name Hori Hori is Japanese and means “to dig”. Hori Hori is also the sound that arises when digging in soil. We have manufactured a Swedish variant and combined quality with design and ergonomics for use in cultivation, garden and on the forest tour. A powerful tool that makes the work in cultivation and garden easier and more fun!

With its arched blade, Hori Hori is a combination of shovel, knife, saw and yardstick. With a Hori Hori knife you can dig, clear weeds, plant seedlings and bulbs, hatch beds, measure planting depth and distance, prune, split sticks. With the saw-toothed side you can, among other things, clear away stronger weeds, split perennials and harvest vegetables. The Hori Hori knife is also perfect for doing minor but important tasks such as digging, opening an earth bag, cutting a rope or removing a dandelion.

Recycled stainless steel 12C27 from Alleima, handle of finest ash manufactured in Järna, case in vegetable tanned Swedish leather from Tärnsjö, Swedish-produced linseed oil produced in Uppland. The entire production is in Sweden.

Our Hori Hori is available in polished or unpolished versions. There is no difference in function. Both variants are stainless steel, what sets them apart is just the look.

The unpolished variant has the colors remaining after the heat treatment process (tempering). The sand particles in the soil will give the blade a natural polishing. The colors will eventually fade away and give the leaf a beautiful patina in soft steel gray shade.

NOTE! The handles vary in appearance depending on which part of the tree the piece comes from. All handles are in ash wood.

Knife dimensions: 32 cm length, 4 cm width. 3 mm thick.

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We want to work for a more sustainable world. That is why we have chosen materials and processes that are as gentle to nature as possible. But sustainability is also about people. We want to be sure that the people in the production have been paid reasonably well and that they work in nice working conditions. For us, it has been obvious from the outset to choose only Swedish-produced materials and processes. By working with workshops near us, we can ensure that sustainability, both social and ecological, is achieved.

We do the final grinding, polishing, oiling and mounting of knife blades and handles in our own premises in Mellösaverken, Mellösa in Flens municipality. In the future, we hope to be able to take back more parts of the production.

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